botanical drawing of a daffodil

Narcissus pseudonarcissus, print from Les Liliacées, Tome Troisième (1807) by Pierre-Joseph Redouté. Book held in the New York Public Library in New York, USA. Public domain.

Because it blooms in March and April in the Northern Hemisphere, the daffodil or Narcissus pseudonarcissus is commonly known as the ‘Easter flower’ in Dutch (paasbloem). In the Scandinavian languages it is known  as the ‘Easter lily’ (påskelilje in Danish and Norwegian, påsklilja in Swedish and páskalilja in Icelandic). The flower evokes rebirth.

Paas– and påsk(e)/páska– are derived from Latin and Greek pascha, which itself derives from Aramaic via the Hebrew word pesach.